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New high fructose brain danger

Apparently we already know high-fructose corn syrup makes you eat and crave more by interfering with the hunger hormones grehlin (want more) and leptin (had enough). This article explains how HFCS also makes you hungrier the more you eat it by affecting the reward centers in the brain. It also discusses some of the other […]


Resveratrol Protects against High Blood Sugar Damage

When blood sugar stays high for extended periods, it damages the protective lining of our arteries. If this happens, tiny cracks enable plaques to accumulate that lead to coronary artery disease. Researchers from China found that resveratrol protected against this artery damage by stopping the leaking in the lining cells (endothelium) when under threat from […]


Resveratrol and Malignant NK Cells

Natural killer cell malignancies like leukaemias and lymphomas do not have good outcomes apparently. This Japanese study found Resveratrol was effective in eliminating these malignancies.


Resveratrol could be key to fighting prostate cancer

Previous studies have found Resveratrol makes prostate tumor cells more susceptible to chemotherapy. This University of Missouri study found it also made the cells more susceptible to radiation treatment. They found the combination of Resveratrol and radiation treatment was much more effective than either on their own.


Hydrogen sulfide and antiaging

Hydrogen sulfide is most commonly known as rotten egg gas and is poisonous, corrosive, flammable and explosive according to Wikipedia. So what then is a claim by Chinese researchers that the compound can have antiaging effects?


Could mistletoe give the kiss of death to cancer?

A researcher at the University of Adelaide has found a particular type of mistletoe extract to be more potent on colon cancer cells than chemotherapy while being gentler on healthier intestinal cells. 


Exercise can slow Alzheimer’s

Two separate studies, one from the University of Nottingham and the other from the University of Lisbon have come to similar conclusions about the importance of exercise for reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline.


Binge drinking causes insulin resistance

Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine discovered that alcohol inflames the hypothalamus, disrupting insulin signaling and impairing glucose tolerance (insulin resistance).

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