Exercise can slow Alzheimer’s

Exercise and cognitive decline

Two separate studies, one from the University of Nottingham and the other from the University of Lisbon have come to similar conclusions about the importance of exercise for reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline.

The University of Lisbon study involving 638 people (average age 74.1) was conducted over 3 years. They found being physically active (30 minutes at least 3 days a week) lowered the risk of cognitive impairment and vascular dementia (but not Alzheimer’s)

The University of Nottingham study involving rats found that  moderate exercise produces the stress hormone CRF (corticotrophin-releasing factor) which has a protective effect on the brain.

While high levels of CRF from anxiety and stress are bad and increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, normal levels keep our brains sharp.

Reduced levels of this hormone are found in patients with Alzheimer’s.

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