Blood Pressure and Accelerated Brain Aging

brain health and blood pressure

According to this article in Brain Blogger, less than 60% of people with high blood pressure or hypertension get treatment for their condition. It also shows a darn good reason to control/lower blood pressure if we want to avoid premature aging.

Using data collected from a long term study started over 60 years ago, Charles DeCarli and his research team has found a connection between brain health (injury to white matter) and blood pressure.

MRI imaging effectively showed 30 year olds with high blood pressure had similar brains to 40 year olds with normal blood pressure. Injury to white and grey matter in the brain increased as blood pressure increased.

The researchers speculated that high blood pressure which leads to arterial stiffness, reduced oxygen and nutrient flow to the brain.

Can read the article here:
Blood Pressure and Accelerated Brain Aging

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