Tiny snacks just as satisfying

small portions just as satisfying as large portions

Cornell University recently conducted a “snacking study” which showed we are just as satisfied with small portions versus large portions. 

The snacks provided – they didn’t have to eat everything  (how do we get paid to participate in stuff like this) were:

  1. 1370 calories of apple pie, chocolate and potato chips
  2. 190 calories of same balanced food groups 🙂

The researchers surveyed hunger and cravings before and 15 minutes after eating. Apparently the big snackers did not feel any more satisfied than the small snack group.

So there you have it – just have a taste, you don’t have to eat the whole pie!

Can see the original article here:

Smaller Snacking is Smart Snacking: New study shows ‘just a bite’ will satisfy

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