Oxygen can boost brain repair

brain improvements on oxygen therapy

This really inspiring article from Science Daily talks about the results of a Tel Aviv University study into post stroke victim’s dramatic improvements using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

Apparently many brain disorders are related to insufficient energy.

Dr Shai Efrati explained that we only have enough oxygen to operate 5 to 10% of our neurons at any one time. Regeneration takes a lot more energy.

For neurons that have been damaged, they may have the energy to stay alive, but not necessarily to fire. The use of HBOT aimed to activate these dormant brain cells.

The study involved patients who were no longer improving after a stroke. It involved:

  • 74 participants
  • 3 to 36 months after a stroke
  • 40 two hour sessions, 5 times a week over 2 months
  • high pressure oxygen rich air which increases oxygen levels in the body tenfold
  • used CT and SPECT scans to identify tissues and metabolic activity

Patients experienced improvements in:

  • reversal of paralysis
  • increased sensation
  • use of language
  • independence
  • being able to complete life tasks such as bathing, cooking

So not only things like Alzheimer’s but antiaging in general could respond to this kind of treatment.


Can read the original article here:

Oxygen chamber can boost brain repair years after stroke or trauma

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