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Plant based cure for diabetes and obesity?

Scientists at the University of Greenwich have found two Asian plants they think might not only be a treatment for diabetes, but also have lipid/fat lowering properties and therefore treat obesity.


Modified lycopene supplement shows heart health potential

Researchers at the University of Cambridge (UK) have tested a modified lycopene supplement and found it to boost elasticity and efficiency of blood vessels by up to 50%. The study involved two groups of 36 patients for a two month trial.


Resveratrol Boosts Metabolism in Obese Men

Resveratrol is one of those controversial supplements touted as a great breakthrough for overall cellular repair and therefore rejuvenation. The Life Extension Blog has an excellent discussion of a study reported in the Journal of Cell Metabolism about the success of resveratrol in mimicking the effects of caloric restriction.


Dopamine-Enhancing Drugs Can Trigger Creativity

Interesting behavioral study on the connection between increased dopamine and being more creative. Prof. Rivka Inzelberg of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine was inspired by her own clinical observations and reports by other Parkinson’s experts to bring together case studies involving increased creativity and treatment involving dopamine. 


Do you really need supplements for antiaging?

Dr Al Sears cites a study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found people taking multivitamins had 5.1% longer telomeres. For those who don’t know, telomeres are like a cell clock counting down to ageing. This equates to 10 years younger biologically.

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