Preserving muscle mass, strength and performance in seniors

nutrition and muscle mass

The International Osteoporosis Foundation recently reviewed how nutritional factors relate to declining muscle mass in older adults.

Muscle mass and strength reduce the risk of fractures, falling and other disabilities.

The review looked at the evidence from worldwide nutritional studies  and found the following factors were beneficial to maintain muscle (apart from resistance training):

  • Optimal protein intake of 1.0 – 1.2 g/kg of body weight
  • Vitamin D intake either from sunlight exposure or supplements
  • A balance of acid/alkaline foods. Many people eat too many acid producing foods such as grains at the expense of fruits and vegetables
  • B12 and/or folic acid

The review also looked at hormone interventions and the need for more studies on the role of antioxidants and anti inflammatory compounds in muscle maintenance.

Which nutritional factors help preserve muscle mass, strength and performance in seniors?


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