Intermittent Fasting for Antiaging?

This is an interesting article discussing 3 different studies on intermittent fasting, as it relates to weight loss, cellular repair and glucose tolerance

  • Salk’s Regulatory Biology Lab – restricted feeding in mice to an 8 hour period each day compared to a free for all group. Both groups ate the same amount of calories, but the 8 hour groups weighed 28% less and were free from metabolic disorders plaguing the eat anytime group.
  • Valter Longo’s research found intermittent fasting allows bodies to go into repair mode rather than stay in growth mode as they do when we consume food.
  • Krista Varady’s research found alternate day fasting had the same benefits as calorie restriction on things like glucose tolerance, cholesterol profiles and longevity.

Can read the IO9 article here:
Why you should starve yourself a little bit each day

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