Benefits of Coffee Leaf Tea

Coffee leaf tea (as opposed to coffee which is made from beans) could partly be the reason for India having a continuing low rate of diabetes, even though many consume a more Western diet. Another reason might be the heavy use of spices such as turmeric.

Apparently this tea is quite bitter, but people seem to like it.

Indian researchers studied the effect of one of the compounds in coffee leaf tea known as mangiferin on glucose tolerance on rats.

They found it significantly lowered

  • fasting glucose levels
  • total cholesterol
  • LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff)

It also had a double whammy by increasing HDL cholesterol (the good stuff), but the anti hyperglycemic effect is great news.

Based on these findings, researchers are starting human clinical trials. They have already concluded that coffee leaf tea has more antioxidants than either green or black tea – reason enough I think for me to check this out.

Can see the The Life Extension Blog article here:

A Coffee Leaf Antioxidant Makes a Comeback

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