Resveratrol Protects against High Blood Sugar Damage

resveratrol protects against high blood sugar damage

When blood sugar stays high for extended periods, it damages the protective lining of our arteries. If this happens, tiny cracks enable plaques to accumulate that lead to coronary artery disease.

Researchers from China found that resveratrol protected against this artery damage by stopping the leaking in the lining cells (endothelium) when under threat from high blood sugar levels.

Aging is commonly related to arterial damage from advanced glycation end products (AGEs) which are sugar/protein combinations attaching themselves to the inside of arteries.

High blood sugar is also associated with diabetes and pre diabetes, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.

Can see the Natural News discussion here:

Resveratrol shields against high blood sugar surges to prevent diabetic complications and improve cardiovascular health


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