Potential collagen replacement gel created

Dutch scientists have developed a cosmetic gel they claim retains moisture 100 times better than any other gel. Consisting mostly of water they believe it has the potential to be a collagen replacement.

When cold the substance is liquid, but when warm it turns into a gel (the exact opposite of what happens with most gels)

This new gel mimics natural collagen in both strength and sensitivity almost perfectly. It is created from polymers twisting together

Apparently, a small amount could also turn your swimming pool into jelly… way cool.

Cosmetics for skin, hair, nail and makeup could be developed from the gel, although no companies have included it so far in their products.

It might also be used to create a protective barrier for wound healing.

Can read the CosmeticsDesign-Europe article here:
Scientists create ‘super helical polymer gel’ with cosmetic potential

And the research article here:
Polymer can turn swimming pool to jelly

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