Next generation anti-wrinkle ingredient announced

new anti wrinkle ingredient

Hyaluronic acid is one of those must haves for hydrating skin. I love it – didn’t know how much until I ran out.

A French based company (Silab) claims to have created a souped up natural version of this wonder ingredient from Mexican blue agave leaves.

Apparently it is able to penetrate both skin tissue and cells and activates natural production of hyaluronic acid that depletes with age. Now that has to be a good thing – not just a band aid solution.

A 2% solution of the ingredient Prohyal+ was able to promote the synthesis of hyaluronic acid within the skin by 237% and visibly smoothed crow’s feet. It also reduced wrinkles by an average of 14.2% in 7 out of 10 volunteers.

Sounds really promising.

Can read the CosmeticsDesign-Europe article here;
Silab launches new alternative to hyaluronic anti-wrinkle ingredient

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