New extract promotes eyelash growth

eyelash growth tonic

Did you know eyelash length is mostly dependent on their growth rate? Eyelashes have a 4 month cycle with about 40 days being growth. So a faster growth rate means longer lashes.

Shiseido has come up with a fruit extract that increases the growth rate of eyelashes (I for one am excited) and will publish the results of their research in June 2013.

Apparently this jujube or red date extract was highly effective in stimulating hair follicle cells after looking at more than 200 kinds of plant extract.

Although this research was eyelash specific, I can’t help wonder if it relates to hair follicles in general. Interesting!

Another Japanese based company Fuji-Sangyo has also created an eyelash growth product based on mulberry root (used in hair growth tonics)

Can see the article here:
Hot date for Shiseido as new extract promotes eyelash growth

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