Longevity Gene Discovery Brings New Hope

University of California researchers were able to reverse age related decline in mice by infusing their blood with what they call a longevity gene.

SIRT3 is one of the sirtuins (resveratrol triggers SIRT1 I think) that enables cells to cope with stress. Sirtuins regulate aging, but this study demonstrated they can also reverse degeneration associated with age (at least in mice).


  • is found in the mitochondria of cells
  • it helps control both cell growth and death
  • it is activated during calorie restriction – shown to extend lifespan in many species
  • levels drop with age
  • a deficiency reduces the ability to regenerate new cells
  • other research has shown it to be a tumor suppressor

Young cells have relatively low levels of oxidative stress (from byproducts of metabolism) as well as high levels of natural antioxidants. Older cells generate more oxidative stress, but also lower levels of antioxidants to deal with this stress, overwhelming the system.

Apparently scientist’s understanding of aging has increased to the point where they believe it is very highly regulated and therefore potentially controllable.

Can see the ScienceDaily discussion here:

Longevity Gene: Discovery opens the door to a potential ‘molecular fountain of youth’

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