When will we all live to 100?

when will be all live to be 100?

My favorite quote from Ray Kurzweil is “Live long enough to live forever”. What he meant by this is that the knowledge we are gaining about aging will lead to life expectancy being longer and longer. If we can stay in good health with what we have already learned, we could even become immortal (by replacing all our worn out bits etc).

Science Daily recently brought attention to an article from the British Medical Journal about life expectancy and longevity, that seem to reinforce this theory


  • 13% of girls born in 1951 can expect to live to be 100
  • 40% of girls born in 2013 can expect to reach 100
  • 60% of girls born in 2060 can expect to live to be 100

These figures come partly from lower infant mortality (under 5) rates, but also from reduction in death rates generally (from medical advances)

Can see the Science Daily review here:

When will we all live to 100?

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