Worry- Two Hours A Day Lost To Stress Of Modern Life

2 hours a day lost to worry

A British study into the effects of stress and worry has found the average Brit spends more than 14 hours a week worrying.

And what are the 2 biggest worries? Being overweight and getting old. Other common worries involved finances and job security.

Around 45% said this worry had directly affected their health.

Other findings included:

  • 32% had seen a doctor about worry or stress
  • the average adult has disturbed sleep 6 nights a month due to worrying
  • 25% have a major worry they aren’t coping with effectively
  • 1/3 has a major worry kept secret from their partner (often about finances)
  • 25% don’t have someone they can share their problems with
  • 30% buy things in order to cope day to day
  • 10% have unopened mail they are too frightened to read

It fascinates me to actually put figures like this on worry. It really gives a sense of how much people can gain by actually dealing with it.

From an antiaging perspective, stress one of the big agers. It is one thing to say “handle your stress to protect your telomeres”, it is another to see these kind of averages and realize that we are all probably aging prematurely and to underestimate the actual effects.

A big concern too is the impact on sleep. Especially considering the studies showing that disturbed deep brain wave sleep severely disrupts memory formation.

Can see the Medical News Today review of this study here:

Worry- Two Hours A Day Lost To Stress Of Modern Life

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