Good bacteria in the intestine can prevent diabetes

intestinal bacteria

If ever there was a good argument for probiotics and avoiding excessive antibiotics, this article from Science Daily adds a heap of weight to it.

I had not considered the full range of what balanced intestinal bacteria can do for you.

  • digesting food so we actually get the vitamins and minerals for it
  • keeping bad bacteria like Salmonella at bay
  • cell and hormonal maintenance
  • preventing inflammation – now this is a biggie
  • intestinal diseases like Crohn’s
  • And now producing biochemicals that can stop diabetes developing in children (where immune cells damage the pancreas

I would think the implications would extend to any kind of auto immune problem, given the place of inflammation, but the study didn’t go this far, nor to maturity onset (type 2) diabetes unfortunately.

Good bacteria in the intestine prevent diabetes, study suggests

ScienceDaily: Health & Medicine News

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