Can Coconut Oil Combat Tooth Decay?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recent studies link oral infections  to  diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Treating tooth decay and gum disease is always going to be expensive, time consuming and painful, so prevention is a much better idea.


The Life Extension Blog wrote an article about the potential of coconut oil to prevent tooth decay and oral infections.

Antibiotics are no longer a good solution for these kind of infections. Bacteria is becoming resistant to them, but also they destroy our internal gut flora which can create even bigger problems.

The article cites a few studies about various coconut extracts:

  • green coconut water has anti-microbial peptides able to kill a variety of bacteria
  • coconut extracts can successfully kill a particular strain of herpes virus
  • coconut oil is anti fungal and can overcome Candida
  • coconut oil strongly inhibited Streptococcus bacteria
  • and particularly that it reduced the binding of Streptococcus mutans to tooth enamel and causes cavities and decay.

Of course sugars of various kinds feed these bacteria, so getting rid of sugar should be the first line of defense. But including coconut oil in our diets is not a bad idea for an overall benefit.

Apparently the study used an enzyme modified form of coconut oil that mimicked digestion. So this wasn’t about applying it to your teeth. Maybe though, this is a reinforcement of the whole “oil pulling” thing.

Can read the original article here:
Can Coconut Oil Combat Tooth Decay?

..and the study details here:
AIT researchers show coconut oil could combat tooth decay

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