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Plant based cure for diabetes and obesity?

Scientists at the University of Greenwich have found two Asian plants they think might not only be a treatment for diabetes, but also have lipid/fat lowering properties and therefore treat obesity.


Reducing Amyloid Beta Levels in Alzheimer’s

The brains of Alzheimer patients produce a toxic substance called amyloid beta which forms plaque deposits. The sufferers brain’s natural defender cells are unable to eliminate the amyloid substance.


Modified lycopene supplement shows heart health potential

Researchers at the University of Cambridge (UK) have tested a modified lycopene supplement and found it to boost elasticity and efficiency of blood vessels by up to 50%. The study involved two groups of 36 patients for a two month trial.


Olive Oil Provides a Cure for Over Sixty Diseases

Great article on the benefits of olive oil and olive leaf. Apparently, olives, apart from being anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-fungal contain a host of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. While the article unfortunately doesn’t discuss research and backing for these claims, it is worth investigating.

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