Long Term Effects on Life Expectancy From Quitting Smoking

smoking and life expectancy

Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine has uncovered some interesting stats on life expectancy and smoking.

  • smoking has declined since the 1960’s from 40% to 20%
  • modern cigarettes have less tar and the rate of death from vascular disease has declined
  • more than 50% of people who ever smoked have quit
  • women are no more protected from the consequences of smoking than men
  • smokers have not benefited as much from advances in medicine
  • quitting between 25-34 years old gains 10 years of life compared to those who continued to smoke
  • quitting between 35-44 years old gains you 9 years
  • quitting between 45-59 years old gains you 4 to 6 years of life expectancy

Can read the New York Times article here:

Well: Long Term Effects on Life Expectancy From Smoking

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