How Safe is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

How safe is HRT?

An interview with the executive director of the North American Menopause Society is a nice general overview, but to me doesn’t go far enough.

To say that all prescription medication carries small risks is not only incorrect but sitting on the fence behaviour.

For instance, to say if your primary concern is breast cancer maybe you can put up with a few hot flashes, and if your primary concern is osteoporosis (but presumably don’t care about breast cancer) then HRT is for you.

Give me a break. How about none of the above?

This isn’t about personal decision making, it’s about what is optimal. How can we overcome the debilitating effects of menopause and reduce the long term effects of hormonal chaos and aging.

Or is this just me?

Can read the interview here:
How Safe is Hormone Replacement Therapy? A Leading Expert Sums Up What We Now Know

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