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FDA Says Sleep Meds Are Dangerously Strong

The regulators have finally recognized that the dose of popular sleep drugs is too strong and can cause drowsiness the next day. They are recommending the dose be cut by up to half, especially for women.

The fact that these drugs stay in your body much longer than we think should ring loud alarm bells. Having alertness and concentration difficulties the following day, means that these drugs are not enabling healthy sleep. Which of course is the whole point of using sleeping pills in the first place.

Good sleep is vital for staying young and healthy, and using sleep drugs like these is obviously not going to do the trick. In fact there are serious problems with using them long term.

Healthy natural sleep is what we all should be aiming for. Sleep hygiene in particular Рthings like keeping your bedroom TV and technology free can go a long way to helping this, rather than relying on artificial aids.

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Discovery Fit & Health : Sara Novak.

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