Dopamine-Enhancing Drugs Can Trigger Creativity

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Interesting behavioral study on the connection between increased dopamine and being more creative.

Prof. Rivka Inzelberg of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine was inspired by her own clinical observations and reports by other Parkinson’s experts to bring together case studies involving increased creativity and treatment involving dopamine. 

She found patients being treated for Parkinson’s with dopamine enhancers could show surprising increases in creativity.

Of course dopamine based treatments have also been associated with behaviour problems involving loss of impulse control, like gambling and obsessions.

Vincent Van Gough’s psychosis was thought to be brought about by dopamine spikes. So might make you creative, but what is the cost? Fine line I think.

The author thought perhaps the creativity might be from lowering of inhibitions – that they were uncomfortable showing this creative side of themselves before treatment. So it might not make someone who was uninhibited more creative for instance.

Can read the original article here:

Dopamine-Enhancing Drugs For Parkinson’s Treatment Can Trigger Creativity

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