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New implant replaces impaired middle ear

Chalmer’s University of Technology has invented a new implant to replace the middle ear. It treats mechanical hearing loss (from inflammation, bone disease or infection) in the outer or middle ear.


Cancer suppressor gene links metabolism with cellular aging

Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania have found an important regulatory mechanism for the tumor suppressor protein p53. This protein apparently makes pre cancerous cells die off, so has been the target of a great deal of research.


$1.8 Million Grant to Further Root Canal Breakthrough – Memphis Daily News

Root canal treatment has been associated with heart disease and auto immune problems. Researchers are working on a new treatment where a tooth’s pulp tissue and dentyne could be regenerated within 2 months using stem cells after removing infected tissue. $1.8 Million Grant to Further Root Canal Breakthrough – Memphis Daily News.


H. Pylori May Protect Against Stroke

While H. Pylori is associated with gastric cancer deaths, it could have a substantial protective effect on stroke and lung cancers. This new study looks at a particular strain of H. pylori and a reason for these surprising findings. H. Pylori May Protect Against Stroke.

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