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Physio for the home

This Science Daily article explains some new technology that could be ready for general use in the summer of 2013. It will allow patients to do physiotherapy exercises correctly in their own home using an Internet connection.


Roadmap to Immortality

Maria Konovalenko¬†has created a very detailed map for when indefinite human life extension related technologies are likely in the following areas. Artificial Intelligence Reducing external risk factors like war and violence Restoring extinct species Nano medicine Regeneration and artificial organs Digital immortality Antiaging therapies Bioinformatics The Genome and cell regulation (including viral cancer therapy) Cloning […]


Does an Aging Brain Make You More Prone to Scams?

2 UCLA studies found older adults were less able than younger people to recognize facial cues that indicated untrustworthiness. It did not find any difference in their ability to recognize trustworthy or neutral expressions. Which says to me this is not about “cognitive decline”, but rather a kind of cooling of anxiety perhaps. Or maybe […]


Telomere length and Endurance Exercise

One current theory of aging says telomere length determines the rate of cellular aging.¬†If we could find a strong connection between aerobic fitness and increased telomere length, then we would have another tool in our antiaging kit. Studies connecting cardiovascular fitness and telomere length have been conflicting. Some have shown that exercise does have a […]

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