Exercise can make you smarter

interval exercise can make you smarterA 4 month Montreal study of overweight middle aged people found high intensity interval training had some exciting benefits. Continue reading

Stem cells boost heart’s natural repair mechanisms

stem cell therapy for heart regenerationResearchers at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute have conducted both animal trials and experimental procedures using stem cells to regenerate heart tissue and reduce scarring after heart attacks. Continue reading

Tiny snacks just as satisfying

small portions just as satisfying as large portionsCornell University recently conducted a “snacking study” which showed we are just as satisfied with small portions versus large portions.  Continue reading

Tough times messages can make you fat

tough times equals high calorie foodsA study at the University of Miami has found you can prime someone to prefer high calorie foods using “tough times” messages. To me, this is one more reason to not listen to the news especially first thing in the morning. Continue reading

Potential collagen replacement gel created

gel with collagen replacement potentialDutch scientists have developed a cosmetic gel they claim retains moisture 100 times better than any other gel. Consisting mostly of water they believe it has the potential to be a collagen replacement. Continue reading

Next generation anti-wrinkle ingredient announced

new anti wrinkle ingredientHyaluronic acid is one of those must haves for hydrating skin. I love it – didn’t know how much until I ran out.

A French based company (Silab) claims to have created a souped up natural version of this wonder ingredient from Mexican blue agave leaves. Continue reading

Taking chronic pain meds can lower testosterone in men

chronic pain meds can lower testosteroneLow testosterone can have very nasty effects in men, not just on sex drive, but also decreased muscle mass and bone density. Low levels can affects mood and quality of life. Continue reading

Marriage reduces the risk of heart attack in both men and women

married less risky for heart attacksApparently being married or living with other people reduces your risk of heart attack whether you are male or female. Continue reading

Told Fluoridation Prevents Tooth Decay, but Science Proves Otherwise

flouride doesn't fight tooth decayMy rant for the day: get the darn fluoride poison out of our drinking water!!

This is an excellent article about the dangers of fluoride and how there is no scientific proof that it actually helps prevent tooth decay. Continue reading

Probiotic plus aloe vera shows cholesterol-lowering potential

Researchers at the National Institute of Nutrition in India has found a particular blend of Lactobacillus rhamnosus and aloe vera cut cholesterol levels in rats by over 40%.

On its own, the probiotic reduced cholesterol by 32% but this increased to 43% when combined with aloe vera. These supplements improved HDL levels (good kind) and reduced LDL (bad kind) and VLDL (real nasty kind).

The researchers were not sure how these supplements actually achieved the cholesterol lowering effects.

Can see the Nutra Ingredients article here:

Probiotic plus aloe shows cholesterol-lowering potential: Animal data.

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